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20 April 2019

From The Old To The New
VAST New Ventures unit adds an entrepreneurial dimension to VAST and demonstrates our commitment to our belief in the use of technology to unlock synergies within organizations and industry.  We work with industry experts, innovators, developers, start-ups and other companies in identifying and exploiting opportunities created through inefficiencies within a specific industry. We believe there is significant upside for all stakeholders through the merger of our experience in technology and our partners’ domain expertise.

Our vision is to bring great ideas to life.

Our terms of engagement with any party in any proposed venture, whether it is our client or a third-party, are based on principles of mutual respect, integrity and trust, professionalism and the free flow of communication. We also believe great businesses can only be built through the commitment of all people involved; therefore, we tend to collaborate with partners who can add value to a venture through proactive participation.

VAST New Ventures is composed of two separate ‘vehicles’ designed for different purposes. Our Strategic Ventures arm acts as technology sponsor and spreads business risk through innovative commercial arrangements with other parties. The transaction structure may vary from being a joint venture to simply licensing agreements with the origination of the venture typically coming from clients or third parties. Origination, for our Proprietary Applications business, on the other hand, is sourced in-house from our growing knowledge base.  

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