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20 April 2019

New Developments
We just donít identify opportunities; we sometimes act on it ourselves!

The Proprietary Applications team originates, prepares and executes highly innovative, industry-specific solutions. Our objective is to leverage our industry and product group expertise by engaging in projects that seek to deliver revenue and cost synergies to companies within a particular sector.

Knowledge is highly important to VAST. We are highly committed to systematically developing our knowledge base each time we serve our clients. Our consultants regularly codify knowledge gained through our industry and product groups in order to better serve the needs of our clients as well as originate solutions of our own which we can offer to the wider market. Since we work only with the best ideas, plenty of research through our own knowledge base, surveys, speaking with clients & people in industry and more is undertaken before a proposed solution is entered into as a working project of our Proprietary Applications team. We also develop the business proposition, conduct due diligence, model financial statements to ensure that the project is in line with VASTís overall strategic objective.

To ensure only the best of ideas actually become commercial solutions, we operate under a stringent set of criteria and only work with a handful of active projects each year.

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