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20 April 2019

New Ground
Rising globalization, emerging technologies and converging industries are factors creating boundless value-adding opportunities. For companies participating in this rapidly changing and challenging landscape, success will be achieved by the combination of traditional strengths with new business mindsets.Finding the right e-solutions partner is crucial for companies competing in this new frontier. Our Strategic Ventures unit has the mandate to actively identify, pursue and execute proposed projects with our partners, which may be either our clients or third parties. Origination of projects typically arises from our partner side, who will have a particular expertise in a certain field, while our role in the venture being highly flexible. As our team brings in a broad range of exposure and experience, we can provide a complete set of services, from providing an end-to-end application solution through to strategic analysis and the building of business plans. We will work with our partners to develop the business proposition and monitor project results.Acting as technology sponsors, our process of accepting a proposed project is defined and has to meet high performance standards. The type of ventures we are interested in range from licensing agreements to joint ventures with our partner(s). Our strength arises from being able to work seamlessly with our partners in developing ideas into full-scale businesses in their own right.

Characteristics we are looking for in a venture

  • Project Feasibility
  • First Class Partner(s)
  • Growth Options
  • Vision

If VAST Strategic Ventures sounds as if it might suit your business needs, progressing the opportunity is as simple as contacting us at We will organize a confidential discussion on how we may be able to assist you.

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