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20 April 2019

Client Team Structure
Once we receive a mandate for a particular project, a client team that is generally composed of 3-4 key people from the relevant business units is assigned to the client. Your team is involved from start of the engagement to the final implementation of the solution to ensure complete accountability and one source of contact.During and after each project, we conduct constructive performance evaluations on each team member and we will actively seek your comments and opinions to ensure our high performance standards are attained.

Return on Investment (ROI) Focus
Each solution represents an investment on our client’s part. We are highly focused on achieving a healthy ROI for our clients on all their online initiatives and always endeavour to develop solutions that achieve the objectives set out. Also, through our phased delivery of the solution, we seek to deliver measurable results that the client can experience as soon as possible.

Performance Orientated
One distinguishable feature each client will notice from every business unit of VAST is that we are highly performance orientated and that we always seek to deliver more than what is required. Our business units adopt and maintain high levels of service standards and we continuously monitor areas that require improvement so that when clients deal with VAST, they can be rest assured that they are dealing with a world-class company.

TOP™ Approach
In developing a particular online solution for our client, we use a set of proven processes (TOP™) that seek to deliver on time, on budget and on target.Our TOP™ or Total Optimum Process methodology consists of 6 progressive stages of project management. It has been designed to ensure a successful outcome on any client engagement through the setting of goals to be achieved over a defined time period. Our approach recognizes that project goals and priorities can change over the course of the project and can dynamically accommodate for them. Also, it is based on a system that allows for the selection of the best alternative through a process of rigorously analyzing all available options and scenarios at each stage of the project.  This is to ensure that the client experiences the best outcome.

Your assigned team will assist you in forming a comprehensive set of measurable goals and objectives for your chosen online initiative. At this stage, we will provide you with decision-making support through quality research and analysis and you will have access to industry-specific information through our knowledge base. We will also assist you in developing strategy, offer you various options and scenarios in relation to your project as well as prepare an indicative timetable for project completion, keeping in mind your business priorities.

The design process includes visual design (how it looks and feels), flow design (what it says and how it flows) and application design (what it does and how it does it). Making sure your online initiative retains your brand identity is one of the most critical aspects of our design process and it is something we excel at. Our design process will assist you in defining your online audience to ensure their needs are properly identified and addressed.

From custom made applications and creative designs to multimedia, the development process involves the programming and coding of the chosen solution. Depending on the project mandate, we develop highly scalable solutions that can be built upon as your business grows.

Our testing phase is the next stage in the project ladder and it uses various techniques to check the robustness of the solution we are delivering. We stress test the solution under different environments to identify any major compatibility issues. Testing for accuracy and functionality is a joint process undertaken by people from our side as well as from the client.

Once testing is completed, the solution is implemented and goes ‘live’. This is one of the most critical stages of any project as it may involve various stakeholders whose views may affect the success of your online initiative. We identify and mitigate any risks prior to implementation and with our excellent execution capabilities, we are committed to ensure a successful outcome to your chosen solution. It is during the implementation phase that we also deliver any documentation to the client.

Support is an important feature of most projects immediately following the implementation phase. We will assist you in monitoring results, provide maintenance, and refine the solution as needed. We endeavour to maintain an on-going relationship with all our clients to update them on important issues, new technologies and ideas, things of interest and more. This acts as a strong foundation upon which all future needs can be met.

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