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22 May 2019

Featured Client: Apex International


Established in 1987 as the international forwarding arm of the New Zealand Van Lines Group of Companies, Apex provides commercial freighting services for New Zealand's importers and exporters.

Over the years Apex has developed into one of New Zealand's largest independently owned companies in the industry and has built a reputation for service and expertise second to none.

As one of New Zealandís largest freighting companies Apex operates in an industry that demands the highest standards in efficiency and cost effectiveness to ensure that enterprise is continually able to provide its customers unsurpassed service. Apex required a solution that would enable them to streamline the processes involved custom clearance, shipping and the timely delivery of goods to its clients.

At VAST, the challenge was identified and approached using a distributed management system built that presented both Apex management and staff the flexibility and ease to collate and manage information concerning its clients.

Utilizing technologies such as Active PDFs, our team at VAST designed a unique solution that featured the ability for Apex management and staff to key in information directly into customized forms and applications rather than adopt conventional methods of printing, writing and faxing.

The solution features the ability for staff to validate information in real-time including the ability to assign shipping and customs information on the fly. Both management and staff also have the option to electronically deliver all forms and applications directly to their client who is then given the discretion of adding, amending and deleting information. The client is also provided with the ability to electronically submit all updates and changes back to Apex in real time. The solution assures transparency and apt delivery of information between Apex and its clients. VAST implemented a solution that empowered Apex to meet its business challenges whilst providing a system that was delivered within budget and on time.

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