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20 April 2019

Superior Service
Superior server performance and enhanced web stability are the lifeblood of eBusiness. As access, network management & security and monitoring become increasing complex, companies are beginning to realize the benefits of outsourcing to a hosting specialist. Our dedicated hosting service enables you to rent rack space, power, connectivity, bandwidth and much more in VASTís state-of-the-art Internet Data Centre.

We provide a range of space options, bandwidth and ample power to run your intensive web applications. With dedicated hosting, you retain full ownership and control over the operation and maintenance of your equipment whilst, our technical team is present to ensure your equipment remains fully operational. It is the right solution if you own your server or want to purchase one and require high reliability and network performance.

With our robust cooling systems and skilled technical team as well as access to our high performance network and backbone connectivity, we enable you to concentrate on your core business functions whilst we take care of making sure your server is always connected to the Internet.

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