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20 April 2019

Expanding Horizons
We have developed and continue to expand on our expertise in various industry sectors and product categories.

Product Categories

  • eBusiness
  • eCRM
  • eLearning

Industry Groups

New e-business models are emerging as companies try to find their place within a highly competitive marketplace. With a solid foundation underpinned by pre-defined objectives, your organization can attain its competitive advantage within a rapidly changing business climate through a balance of strategy and execution.

Making the transition into the Internet is one of the most important decisions your company will make. As companies face the greater than ever challenge of increasing shareholder value, organizations that leverage Internet technologies will be best poised to capture new opportunities, reduce transaction costs, streamline business processes as well as meet customer expectations.

Accelerating new product deployment. Extending products and services into new geographic locations. Creating loyal and profitable customer relationships. Improving and measuring customer satisfaction.  Lowering labour costs, reducing paperwork and dramatically decreasing transaction costs. Together, these capabilities make a compelling case for e-business

Want to put the e in your business?

Case Study: Landlordcheck

CRM forms an integral component of any successful business strategy. Commonly mistaken as a software solution, CRM is a set of business principles, which, amongst others, involve:

  • Aligning the firm around customers
  • Maximizing customer profitability
  • Anticipating customer needs
  • Use of information from disparate sources to better understand the customer
  • Sharing of information between business units

Naturally, the CRM needs of each organization vary according to its size, industry and goals.To reap the full benefits of any CRM initiative, many businesses are turning to Internet technology as a preferred platform in attaining the objectives of customer relationship management. However, success of any CRM initiative will not be determined by a software solution but, by how well crafted a business strategy is.The team at VAST Online Solutions can assist you in defining your goals and objectives, developing and implementing the right solution for you as well as in the setting of performance measures to gauge the success of all your initiatives

eLearning is Internet-based learning. It is the use of Internet and web technologies to enable, deliver or facilitate learning anytime, anywhere. For companies and organizations, eLearning translates into faster learning at reduced costs, collaborative learning synergies as well as accountability for all participants in the learning process. It enables your organization to upskill your workforce as well as tap into the experience pool from within. Using innovative technology in delivering work-related educational content, eLearning can provide your organization with a strong knowledge foundation that can be drawn upon by employees whenever and wherever.

For institutions in the education sector, eLearning transforms and enhances the various components of the educational value chain. Due to the convergence of technology and education, what seemed impossible before, is very much possible today. Virtual classes, dynamic discussion forums, online tutoring and assessments are very much part of education today and as a result, the growth trend of a highly knowledgeable society continues. eLearning offers many social benefits as well through greater education in sparsely populated areas and providing alternate means of communication without the need of travel.

Would you like to explore eLearning opportunities for your organization?

Case Study: HMC

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