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20 April 2019

Unlock Opportunities
We believe the Internet presents many opportunities for organizations in unlocking value within their businesses. These prospects can be presented within a short window of opportunity and firms with strategic online partners stand the greatest chance of reaping the rewards. Our team can assist you in designing, developing, implementing and maintaining all your online aspirations. We can provide you with a one-stop solution from conceptualizing and brainstorming right through to eventual deployment of your customized solution. Our clients enjoy the privilege of us pitching ideas to them revolving around their e-strategy to keep them up to speed with new developments that could affect their performance.

VAST Online Solutions offers in-depth expertise in various industry sectors. We continue to work closely with clients on all our projects that help us build upon our knowledge base. It is a knowledge base that our consultants can tap in and offer good advice to our clients when we work on new projects.

Some of the solutions that our online solutions team can offer include:

Project Management
Our team is adept at using various project management methodologies to successfully manage the roll-out of your chosen online initiative. Our experience and expertise in this area as well as strict adherence to our TOP™ methodology will ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. It will also ensure the successful achievement of all pre-defined project goals and objectives.

Application Design
Through extensive consultation with the client organisation, our team analyse and create the intended solution. This would entail the use of flow diagrams for visualisation purposes and creation of the application design specification with the client.

Application Development
From secure extranets to robust e-business platforms, VAST Online Solutions develops component based solutions in conjunction with the design specifications. This ensures highly customised solutions can be deployed quickly and cost efficiently Our market leading approach to component based development also leads to higher solution quality due to greater level of reuse. We also leverage and integrate existing client’s IT asset so that today’s solutions are ready to solve tomorrow’s problems.

VAST Online Solutions is in the forefront of the employment of various technologies. From Microsoft’s .NET framework, ASP and COM++ to Open Source solutions such as Linux, PHP and MySQL, the varying number of options provide greater flexibility, integration and functionality. Through our component based development, we possess a library of modules based on a number of different technologies such as XML, SOAP and JAVA combined to build your customised solution.

Learn how our proven methodology can create measurable results for you in Our Methodology.

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